Our classes


Adults 13 years and over

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the fastest growing martial art in the world due to its popularity. It is a sport that consists in controlling your opponent on the ground with a variety of positions, transitions and submissions using arm, shoulders, leg locks and different chokes. All these maneuvers are performed by maintaining self-control over your opponent. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is for everyone, whether for a recreational activity, competitive or just for high level fitness. You will quickly feel a warm and belonging feeling to one of the most prestigious teams in the country: Team ONE Jiu-jitsu Canada family. We also offer our services for multi-sport programs and ‘’Sports-Études’’ programs at Elementary and High School

Kids - 4 to 7 years old and 8 to 12 years old

The most popular martial art among young kids today!

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the most popular martial art among kids today! Team ONE Jiu-Jitsu Canada offers BJJ classes for children 5 to 12 years old. The main purpose of this class is to share, teach, guide, influence and motivate young children and teenagers.

Short-term results

A warm welcoming and a sense of belonging at the very first class

Entertainment in learning a fast growing popular sport

Physical education

Increased self-esteem and build confidence among your surroundings

Eliminating bullying

Improving educational outcomes because this sport requires concentration, persistence and determination

Long-term results

Sense of belonging to a team, a family, other than the biological one

High level fitness


To know how to defend yourself, understand and appreciate that it is also a recreational sport

Sense of life accomplishment (personal or linked to the sport)

Feeling positive impacts on all aspects of your lives and personal success

Stress relief


Our north shore school offers judo lessons. Accessible to 13 year old and over, judo will offer a similar training as jiu–jitsu; focused on projecting your opponent on the ground. The effort, however, remains physically and mentally demanding and will complement your BJJ training and vice versa