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COVID Message

During this confinement period, be reinsured, dear members, that we have put in place certain security protocols in order to assist your training. Distances of two meters have been established on the mats to respect certain protocols suggested by the government.

Article copied from the Quebec government site:

As of June 22, a distance of 1 metre will be allowed between children age 16 and under. This will allow children to interact more easily while keeping a safe distance. Bubbles of 4 to 6 children or young people will be formed, allowing them to talk, play or work together by doing away with distancing within these limited groups. Since schools are considered environments where children and workers mix, physical distancing of 2 metres between adults and children will, however, have to be maintained.


Brazilian jiu-jiutsu is the fastest growing martial art in the world due to its popularity. It is a sport that consists in controlling your opponent on the ground with a variety of positions, transitions and submissions using arm, shoulders, leg locks and different chokes.

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Luciano Ucci

Head Instructor

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